Research Areas

The Department of Neurology has a long-standing history of clinical and patient-oriented research that extend to experimental research in animal models and humans. This interdisciplinary approach is central to the continued education and research training of next-generation scientists and clinicians in the department. It promotes an integrative perspective to the mechanisms, translational, prevention and cure of diseases of the nervous system. Through state-of-the-art laboratories for experimental and clinical Neurology (NCTU).

Thematically, research at the Department of Neurology covers most areas of our discipline, yet, it focuses on the following topics:

Brain mechanisms of epilepsy

Research group leader
Prof. Dr. Dr. med. Kaspar Schindler

Research group leader
Dr. Dr. med. Maxime Baud

Brain mechanisms of sleep, sleep disorders and sleep-dependent functions

Clinical and experimental (animal) sleep and neurology research
Research group leaders
Prof. Dr. med. Claudio Bassetti
Prof. Dr. Antoine Adamantidis
Dr. Carolina Gutierrez Herrera
Markus Schmidt, MD PhD

Cerebrovascular Disease / Stroke

Research group leaders
Prof. Dr. med. Marcel Arnold
Prof. Dr. med. Urs Fischer
Prof. Dr. med. Simon Jung

Functional Neurological Disorders

Functional Neurological Disorder (FND) 
Research group leader
Prof. Dr. med. Selma Aybek


Neurodegenerative Disease Laboratory
Research group leader
Prof. Dr. Smita Saxena


Neuroimmunology/Multiple sclerosis
Research group leader
Prof. Dr. med. Andrew Chan

Neurorehabilitation & Neuromodulation

Neurorehabilitation & Neuromodulation

Research group leader
Prof. Dr. med. Adrian Guggisberg

Parkinsons Disease and Movement Disorders

Parkinson’s disease and Behavior
Research group leader

Prof. Dr. med. Paul Krack, PhD

Neurophysiology and Adaptive Neuromodulation
Research group leader
Gerd Tinkhauser MD, PhD