Online Tool Vademecum DLF

The DLF has launched a new Tool to support patientoriented clinical research. The "Vademecum DLF", a new online tool, offers practical assistance for planning and conducting patient-oriented clinical research.

Much of the information currently available on the DLF intranet pages has been integrated into the Vademecum. The corresponding web pages will no longer be updated and will be completely deactivated in January 2024.

Try the online tool!

Transferable Skills - key skills for your career

Complete your professional profile by attending the Transferable Skills Program for (Post)Docs.Transferable skills are competencies acquired in one context that can be applied to other contexts, jobs, position or fields of work. A goal of this program is to help postdocs advance in their academic career.

Thus, the courses offered also give postdocs the chance to further develop relevant skills and enhance their professional profile. The course program is free of charge for postdocs and doctoral candidates of the University of Bern/ Inselspital.

You can find more information and the course program on the website.